Dongguan OuSitong Mold Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, the business includes: laser Daomo, etching carving Daomo, embossed hit hot copper mold, bronzing zinc version / copperplate, embossed embossed version, UV screen printing plate, , Output proofing, CTP published a comprehensive high-tech pre-press, post-press service enterprises, by the rich business, skilled professionals and advanced equipment.

In today's technology continues to progress, increasingly competitive market era, the company continued self-improvement. With excellent quality and rigorous management as a fundamental. Adhering to the "Yikeweizun, service-oriented, excellence," the principle of a first-class enterprises as the goal; efforts to build a modern plate-making enterprises. For the publishing industry, the printing industry and other customers to provide the best quality, service is the pursuit of adult.